4 Crucial Things You Should Know about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

You’ve probably heard of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin several times in those ads for weight loss drops. But do you really know what it is? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or commonly known as HCG, is in fact a glycoprotein that is found somewhere in the placenta. This is developed in the placenta right after implantation to essentially maintain the thick lining in the uterus during pregnancy.


There are two ways to obtain HCG. The first one is through the urine of pregnant women. The HCG in medicines such as Pregnyl, Choragon, Profasi and Novarel are extracted this way. The other method is done with the use of recombinant DNA technology and cultivated genetically modified cells. The HCG content found in Ovidrel is produced using the recombinant DNA technology process.

To better know the importance of HCG, here are some of its uses:

Enhance Fertility

1hcgdropsSome people are blessed while others have to resort to science to help them bear a child. Fertility is a factual issue especially among married couples. Fortunately, there are ways to assist women who are having difficulty in getting pregnant. Basically, HCG is injected into the body of a female to increase the production of progesterone. Progesterone is highly important in the ovulation process. Once injected, the patient has to wait for 38 hours. Between the 38th and 48th hour, ovulation occurs. This is the best time to perform sexual intercourse or conduct the intrauterine insemination.

As for the males, the problem in fertility lies in the low production of testosterone. With the use of HCG testosterone production is enhanced.

Improved Performance in Sports and Fitness

HCG is important in assisting bodybuilders and athletes after their steroid cycles. It should be noted though that in this context, the use of HCG is highly discouraged, not because it is bad for the body but because use of steroids in sports is illegal. Although the main purpose of HCG injections is to bring back the testosterone level of males into normal, the fact that HCG assists in steroid usage makes it unacceptable.

So how does HCG assists in “after steroid” cycle? Steroid is highly important in muscle building. However, it negatively affects the production of testosterone in the male’s body because of the decrease in luteinizing hormone (LH). This is where HCG is introduced in the body.

After using steroid over a period of time, a person goes through a resting phase they call After Steroid Cycle or Post Cycle Therapy. During this period, HCG is injected in the body to generate LH which in turn hastens the production of testosterone. Bodybuilders use this to ensure that they maintain the muscles they build but at the same time return to their normal hormonal balance.

In sports, athletes have been banned, sued, and suspended because of testing positive for HCG.

Weight Loss

These days, the use of HCG drops has become popular for people who want to lose weight fast. But is it really safe?

According to the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, there is no scientific evidence in the claim that HCG is effective in treating obesity. In fact, they believe that the reason why it seems to be effective is because HCG users are advised to only eat 500-1000 calories in a day. If you think about it, that kind of calorie intake is very low for an adult. No wonder they lose weight.

Due to the claims of its effectiveness, there are people who introduced the use of oral HCG and diluted HCG. If you really know HCG, then you are aware that it can only go through the bloodstream through injection. This is why research is important before taking certain medications and supplements.

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SEO Versus Traditional Advertising Online – Is One Better?

Search engine optimization is either your main choice for gaining traffic, or it’s something that you consider as an extension of what you’re doing with advertising protocol. For others, traditional advertising including pay per click, banner, and pop up advertising is the way to go. Either side of the coin is going to be complicated, and the question that people pose all the time is in regards to which one is better. There are a lot of different answers to this question, and no matter how you slice it, you will find that there is an answer waiting you as you implement both strategies for your site. What may work for one site will not work for another, but there needs to be a bit of trial and error used. Without a little bit of trial and error in the world of marketing, you will find that seo may trump tradition in many cases. Whatever the case is, consider the following look into which one is better to find out where you stand on the issue of promotional consideration on the web.

The Argument For Traditional Solutions

nyseoexplode.comForget seo, you see this notion passing a lot of blogs today. The reason why so many people are not keen on focusing within the realms of this is because the return takes a long time. Some sites have even spent all year working on optimizing their pages and see little to nothing in terms of a return on their investment. If you have seen this happen to you, spending a lot of time and money only to get less and less market share, then you need to look into something more tangible. The argument that you usually hear from marketers in favor of PPC adverts and pop ups, is that they convert well.

Yes, you will get clicks and that’s important. Traffic that you can get immediately will always seem better than that of other opportunities. You will find that this solution is definitely a good thing, but in the long term, it’s more likely that you will want to gain leverage over time, not just a flash in the pan. With traditional options, you could spend a lot of money creating solutions that will not help you gain market share overall. In fact, you could spin your wheels, and turn off advertising and get nothing in terms of residual benefit. That’s where seo comes into play.

The Use of SEO Protocol

The use of seo is rampant online. If you aren’t working with it, then you are spending too much money on advertising. You need to work on optimization strategies that will help you create market share overall. That means that you need to have all the elements in place for search engines to pick up your site and index it more appropriately. When you rise in the rankings, and you start to see a huge gain in traffic, it comes time to turn off the ads and look to see what optimization can do for you.

The use of optimization is not limited to just code and backlinks. You will need to work with video marketing, content marketing, social media engagement and more. That’s the main difference here. When you use the right protocol in terms of optimization, you will gain benefits long after you’ve stopped investing in it. Even if you hire a professional company, and then you decide to stop using them to help you with marketing, you’ll still have residual effects overall.

In the end, search engine optimization may trump traditional solutions, but you will also find that the better option is not necessary the best at first. Take on traditional roles until you can get all your optimized ducks in a row. Then you will see which one is the true winner.

Buy GW-501516 – The Best Body Enhancer

GW-501516 is considered as one of the most versatile body and performance enhancers that are available in the market today. Whether you are planning to increase your endurance, reduce fat, cut or recomp, this substance will truly shine. This article will discuss the many ways and reasons why you need to include GW-501516 in every cycle that you run. This substance plays an essential role in every cycle. It does not matter what your goal is. It will add extra benefits that will further enhance the possibility of achieving your goals and maximizing gains.

One of the many problems in the bodybuilding world is the lack of endurance and cardiovascular strength. This is a common problem and it prevents a person from maximizing workouts. The key factors to getting the most out of your workout are being able to recover fast in between sets, maintaining the intensity throughout the workout and squeezing out those extra reps. If you are on a cycle, intensity is very important as you are trying to overcome plateaus and reach your goals. If you buy GW-501516 and include it in your cycle, you are helping yourself to get stronger as you continue with your workouts, and you are providing yourself the opportunity to work harder and longer with fast recovery and to continue a highly intensified workout.

GW-501516GW-501516 allows the user to get rid of those extra reps and get the most out of his workout. The best thing about this substance is that it is non catabolic, so even if you use this to burn fat, it will not affect your muscle. You can still hold on to the muscle that you gain, and if you still want to add more muscle, you can do so by intensifying your workout.

There are some users that combine clenbuterol or t3 in their cycles to help in getting rid of fats and gain muscle. However, there are some issues with these substances that is not experienced if you use GW. Clenbuterol and T3 are both highly catabolic and have proven to be muscle wasters. These substances also inhibit cardiovascular performance and may even produce negative side effects.

Unlike the two substances, GW-501516 only provides positive results if added in your cycles. If you are preparing for a competition, this substance can also work wonders. By adding GW into a prep cycle, you are allowing yourself to maximize your muscle gains by getting rid of fat fast.

Another great benefit of GW-501516 is its ability to fight the negative effects that tren has on a person’s cardio performance. If you buy GW-501516 from a trusted source, you can take advantage of these benefits.

If you add GW-501516 in the cycle, you can still carry out cardio exercises on atrenbolone cycle without experiencing any negative effects. You can use the substance up to 12 weeks but remember that it should be taken in 10-20 mg doses every day. To achieve the best results with GW, take one dose in the morning and have the same dose 12 hours later. It is also suggested that you take the substance before having your workouts. GW-501516 can really work wonders in so many ways and thus should be incorporated on every cycle that you run.

If you are interested, you can buy GW-501516 online. Because of its popularity, there are some manufacturers who tried to copy the formulation of this substance. Make sure that you purchase the product only from an authorized retailer. GW-501516 is being endorsed by gym instructors and other health specialists. However, buy GW-501516 only if your doctor allows you to use it. Although this product is highly recommended, competing athletes are not allowed to use the product in professional events. For others who want to increase their endurance and at the same time reduce fat while preserving the muscles, adding GW-501516 to every cycle is the definite solution.

GW-501516 is considered as one of the most versatile body and performance enhancers that are available in the market today.